Browns Roster Cuts

(Source: USA Today Sports)
(Source: USA Today Sports)

Today at 4pm, the Browns are required to scale their roster back to 75.  Then, by 6pm on Saturday they have to settle on a 53-man roster.  At noon on the following day, they begin to build their 10-man practice squad.

The Browns already have their roster narrowed down to 76 guys, which means they have 1 more cut to make today.  But before we get to future cuts, here are a few notable cuts from last night:

  1. WR Anthony Armstrong–Many thought Armstrong would be helpful to the team as a veteran wide receiver, especially with a Josh Gordon suspension looming.
  2. DL Cam Henderson–After decent tackling at camp and in preseason games, many expected Henderson to at least make the practice squad.
  3. RB Edwin Baker–This is the cut I’m most bummed about.  I really saw more potential with Baker than I do with Dion Lewis, who is now projected to make the roster as the number 3 back.

About a month before the preseason started, I made some predictions about the Browns 53-man roster and the starting lineup.  Here are my updated expectations regarding the 53-man roster:



And here’s what I think the 10-man practice squad will look like…



… with the following players on injured reserve to start the season: (1) Michael Bowie (OL), (2) Nick McDonald (OL), and (3) Darius Eubanks (LB).

This means I think the Browns intend to cut the following players in the next week:

RosterYou think I’m wrong about Sexy Rexy?  🙂  Love to hear your thoughts…

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