First and Foremost

First and foremost, I should start by saying that I am a HUGE Browns fan.  I love the Browns.  I have been a Browns fan since before I can remember, and I will always be a Browns fan.  I was raised to love all things Cleveland–the Indians, the Cavs, the Lumberjacks (remember them?), but most importantly, the Browns.

And, I take my job as a Browns fan seriously.  It is a tough, grueling job that involves being loyal to a fault.  It means taking self-deprecation to a whole new level.  Seriously.  You really have to be a special person to somehow feel superior to all other fans, not because your team is better, but because your team has been so bad, for so long, that you are actually certain that no other fan could love her team as much as you love yours.  They couldn’t; they would’ve started rooting for the Cowboys by now.  (On a side note, gross.)

That being said, like all other Browns fans, I have no problem pointing out the faults of my team.  In fact, like all Browns fans, I start saying, “There’s always next year,” before the end of the preseason.  (That’s not true.  I usually wait until we lose our first game.  Which is usually the first game we play.)  But I digress.  While I will complain and moan about the Browns, certain that we will blow every lead and never come back in the 4th quarter, I am different from most Browns fans (and, I think, most NFL fans) in a few ways.

I do not believe in ditching coaches after a year or two.  It usually takes more time than that to really build a team. If a coach walks in and, in his first year, makes the playoffs with a team that struggled recently, you can bet there’s a fired coach somewhere that is not getting the thank you card he deserves for drafting so-and-so or for trading what’s-his-name.  (Pat Shurmur, you are the exception.  Really, just awful.)  And, I do not believe in drafting a new quarterback every year.  ‘Cause, you know, there are 52 other players on the team.  Even Tom Brady has to pass the ball to someone.

So, in this blog, I will do my best to try to offer some relevant and thoughtful, although inevitably biased, commentary about Browns football.  You may now be wondering why you care about Browns football.  You will, don’t worry.  I’m going to turn you into a fan, if only because it will be a totally guilt-free fandom. I mean, come on.  We are the least threatening team in the NFL (as long as you and I agree that the Jags aren’t really a professional football team). Also, hopefully sometimes I can also make you laugh.  Because, as a fellow Browns fan, you’re really going to need it every Sunday around 4pm.

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